Slides of talks

The files are ranked according to the alphabetic order of the speaker names.

Omar Mazen Alqubori Analysis of Simulated Trap Counts Arising for Correlated and Biased Random Walks (here)

Pierre Auger On management strategies in order to stop an SEIR / SEIRS epidemic: application to the SARS-COV-2 epidemic (here)

Ludek Berec Ecology and evolution of sterilizing infections: roles of mating and fecundity-longevity trafe-off (here)

Maxime Berger Quasispecies and error thresholds (here)

Guillaume Cantin Competing species living in a fragmented environment (here)

Pauline Clin Host mixtures for plant disease control: from induced pathogen competition to the benefits of immune priming (here)

Donald De AngelisPopulation carrying capacity of heterogeneous and temporally periodic systems (here)

Hong Duong Cost efficiency of institutional incentives in finite populations (here)

Luigi Esercito Lines of descent in a Moran model with frequency-dependent selection and mutation (here)

Maria Gamboa PerezQuantifying the spread of an epidemic process on a discrete – time stochastic SIS model (here)

Christian Guill Self organised pattern formation increases local diversity (here)

Alan Hastings Transients and the dynamics of ecological systems (here)

Frank Hilker Threshold – based harvest strategies in discrete – time population models (here)

Eva Kisdi Evolutionnary escape and evolutionnary suicide in host-pathogen evolution (here)

Bob Kooi Review of the analysis of Rosenzwegi-MacArthur predator – prey model (here)

Henri Laurie Does theoretical ecology need a political philosophy? (here)

Guillaume Le Gland – SPEAD 1.0 – A model for simulating plankton evolution with adaptive dynamics in a two-trait continuous fitness landscape applied to the Sargasso sea (here)

Mariajesus Lopez-Herrero – Stochastic measures for vaccine-preventable disease transmission when vaccine is partially effective (here)

Mauro Mobilia Evolution of a Fluctuating Population in a Changing Environment: Random versus Periodic Switching (here)

Andrei Morozov Modelling phage mediated control of pathogenic bacteria: recent advances and remaining challenges (here)

Natalia Petrovskaya Grey Slug and Blue Bear: Towards the development of more accurate monitoring and control protocols for slug populations in arable fields (here)

Sergei Petrovskii Pattern formatio, travelling waves and long transients in social and demographic systems (here)

Shota Shibasaki Exclusion of the fittest predicts microbial community diversity in fluctuating environments (here)

Sergio Vallina A continuous – trait approximation with adaptive dynamics for modelling phytoplankton size-diversity (here)

Ellen van VelzenPredator coexistence through emergent fitness equalization (here)

Ezio Venturino Modeling the Mycorrhiza – potato plant-Colorado potato beetle interactions (here)

Vitaly Volpert Nonlocal Reaction Diffusion models of wealth distribution (here)

Irina Vortkamp Habitat connectivity can reduce the total population size (here)