Practical informations

Reaching the CIRM

The CIRM (Center for international meetings in mathematics) is located on the campus of Luminy (South of Marseille, France).

To reach the center from the airport, you first need to go to the central station (Saint-Charles station), in the centre of Marseille. This can be done either by taxi (around 90€) or by the shuttle (8.50 €, the travel takes around 20 minutes from the airport to the central station).

From the central station, you can get the metro Line 2, from Saint-Charles Station to Sainte-Marguerite Dromel Sation. Once arrived at the Rond-Point du Prado station, you can leave the metro and take a bus (line B21), in the direction of Luminy. The bus enters the campus and goes close to the CIRM. From the Central Station to the CIRM, it is around 40 minutes.